Today, Plako's products are based on the following cornerstones:

  • cms@plako – The new generation of Plako's content management system allows users a faster access with more functionalities, as well as new modules that take the potentialities of the new interface to its maximum. With diverse business models, this system can be used by your clients as a basis to the development of new modules.
  • host@plako – Hosting services in clustered, high-performance and with high-availability servers, that are Plako's property and management. The software available and its characteristics are an asset, when compared to other competitor services.
  • bMail@plako – A set of tools that allows you to store both sent and received emails of a given domain, with its own web-interface for querying purposes.
  • intra@plako – A set of modules with a strong development component, that allows clients to acquire Intranets that meet their needs in terms of information integration and management.
  • e-marketing@plako – Software geared to prepare and dispatch marketing campaigns, using SMS and email technologies, with a tracking service to analyze their impact on the final consumer.

Plako's services can help your company.

We offer support for advertising and selling products that have been developed with Plako's technologies.

We provide human resources to accompany commercial/technical meetings, in order to potentiate a contract closure.

We offer documentation and training in new technologies and market tendencies.

We arrange, with no additional charge, a set of marketing and management tools that will bring your company efficiency gains.

We help your company to increase turnover by enhancing our responsiveness, as well as product and service technical abilities, granting at the same time an effective cost reduction.