Plako is a company dedicated to the development of web based solutions. Our biggest wage has been the development of a Content Management System from scratch - cms@plako - a tool that allows any company or individual to build and maintain their website with no programming knowledge needed. Besides cms@plako, Plako has other (secondary) services: host@plako (hosting services), bMail@plako, Intra@plako and e-marketing@plako (newsletters and sms serving marketing purposes).

 Its main targets are Design or Consultant Companies that don't have or don't intend to have the necessary human and technical resources to develop products and services in the area of new technologies. Therefore Plako it's a company that develops products and services able of improving the product offer of our partners.

The path of Plako's products evolution has been oriented in such a way that the products and services developed, can be increasingly managed or supported by the partner. Consequently, there is a strong bet in the transfer of knowledge and skills to the partners network and their training, and simultaneously reducing the costs in the products and services available.


Plako's mission is to develop Internet solutions and services, to continuously innovate information technologies, improving our productive processes and simplifying the use of technology.


We believe in the democratization of technologies worldwide, as well as in the contribute that it might bring to reducing the negative impact of the human race upon the planet, we believe in the preservation of all species and in the improvement of everyone's quality of life.


At Plako, we believe in Going Green. We try to decrease our environmental impact upon the planet and to prove that technology is the answer. We also believe in improving the quality of life and working conditions for all our employees.