Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is separate email addresses with commas.

It depends on the project.Projects developed on the web@plako platform: to change a translation map, you need to ask Plako for the file. That xml file will then be sent by email to you and when the file is returned the translation map is updated by Plako.

On the file editores.php there is a list of buttons:$editor500->botoes[40] = 0; (Font type)$editor500->botoes[41] = 0; (Size)$editor500->botoes[20] = 0; (Text colour)Usually these are always 0 (they're not visible). In order for them to appear on the advanced editor, the value must be 1.

For the images to come up on google searches, one thing that can be done is to put the tags "alt" and "title"* in every image on the website. Note: Indexing images is not imediate.

Every time the function dn(...) on the html to upload dynamic content, one must add a parameter do the url.

No. So far, it is only possible to host on other servers projects developed with web@plako technology (requirements here).