FAQ -Domains
Which are the steps to transfer a .pt domain?
To transfer a domain on FCCN:
  • The domain's owner must change the Manager of the domain. To do so, you must access to DNS ( with the login and password given when you first registered.
  • After accessing "Restricted Area", you should choose "My domains" and select to which domain you want to change the management, by clicking the process number.
  • You must now enter the area "Related Entities" and click "Actions", selecting "Transfer domain management". As soon as you confirm, an email will be sent to the domain's owner with:
    • Domain's ID
    • Domain
    • Authorization Code
  • These data must be forwarded to Plako, so that we can manage the domain. The change on the technical responsible is made afterwards by Plako, since only the Manager can do that.
NOTE: Only the domain's owner may ask for the Manager to be changed.
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