There is no restriction on the registry of .com.pt domains.

The .pt domain registry may be done for 1, 3 or 5 years.

To transfer a domain on FCCN:The domain's owner must change the Manager of the domain. To do so, you must access to DNS (https://www.dns.pt) with the login and password given when you first registered.

According to the .PT Domain Registration Rules, the .pt domains for a registered brand must fulfill these requirements:The domain name must be the same as the brand's sign.There will only be admited as register base the nominative brands and effectivelly granted.

No. To change the name of a domain you must remove the prior domain and ask for a new one.

To transfer .com, .eu or .org domains:The desired domain must be available to transfer, meaning it must be on "OK" or "Unlocked" status.Plako will need the Authorization Code of the domain in order to initiate the tranfering process. This code must me solicited to the domain supplier.