FAQ -Modules
When the administrator receives an email message from a contact request, for example (or any other that involves interaction with the user that fills in the form on the website), he/she can never reply through the button Answer/Reply, as it usually would be. Since the email is sent by the website system, the admin would be replying directly to the project and no to the client. That being, the email address that appears on the received message as the email filled in by the client on the form must be copied and pasted to a new email message.
If a website with the Newsletter modules is hosted outside Plako, the whole automatic return treatment system will not be available.

The sending system is also different, once it'll not be sent by an external system (as happens in Plako's servers).

Some functionalities will not be available, such as the attribution of credits to clients through the "Client Area" of the partner; this means it will not be possible do limit (or manage) how many Kb each client has available for sending newsletters.

In order to integrate the Paypal system with your online store, you just have to send us your username and password for the PayPal account.
Yes, it is. However, in order to know how many times an entry has been read, it's not necessary to have a Statistics module, It is enought if you have the "Readings' counter" module.
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