To confirm the requirements in terms of PHP, the easiest way is to create a file called  info.php on the website structure featuring: phpinfo(); When accessing this URL, you will be able to see the server's PHP configuration.

Despite the content being no longer availabe online, it is normal that it still appears on searches. Google's search engine is not constantly scanning specific websites; even if it scans the website and doesn't find information, it will take several scans for the engine to mark it as invalid.

The order of indexes executed on Plako's servers is: index.html, index.htm and index.php.

In order to know if it is possible to host your website on Plako's servers, the code must be analysed by Plako's technicians.

We cannot guaranty this possibility, but we know that certain functionalities require the version 5. However, these functionalities are only used in certain contexts.The only way to verify if it is possible to host a website externally with MySql 4.1.20 is by testing it.